Plein Air Festival

Plein Air Testimonials

“First, I must tell you how honored I was to be part of Wayne Plein Air. Your event is just top notch! Your team works so hard to ensure a wonderful show for all, for artists, collectors and the community. Wayne is so lucky to have such a wonderful art center. Doing 15+ national competitions a year, Wayne rates as one of the best of the best in my opinion. Probably the best hung show and facility I have ever shown in. And, to sell 11 of my 13 paintings on opening night! Whew!!! I was so so pleased.”

-Beth Bathe, Plein Air 2019 Artist

“The Wayne Art Center is the host of this festival and they run a top notch plein air event. The people who run the art center are the movers and shakers of this artistic community and they work hard to make it fun for the artists and collector alike. The week long event is truly festive, hence the name plein air festival in its title. Now in its twelfth year, it has become one of the top plein air events in the country and is widely talked about in the plein air community. “

-David Lussier, Plein Air 2018 Artist

“I was SO impressed with the Wayne Art Center.  I think the facility, but especially the volunteers and staff set a very high standard!  I don’t think I will meet many other events like that.”

-George Bodine, Plein Air 2018 Artist

“This is the best plein air event IN THE COUNTRY.”

-Jill Wagner, Plein Air 2018 Artist

“This has been one of the most organized and best plein air events I have ever done.”

-Christopher Leeper, Plein Air 2017 Artist

“Thank you for such a wonderful Wayne Plein Air Festival 2017. The Wayne Art Center is a magnificent facility, well-equipped, well-lighted, and clean. From my artist’s point of view, Wayne Plein Air exceeds in organization and quality of exhibition space the other festivals in which I’ve competed. (Some) may have twice as many artists, but their main exhibition space isn’t as good as WAC. And the Main Line area itself, of course, is a painter’s paradise. Thanks for helping to make my first time in the area and at Wayne Plein Air a great experience.”

-Anthony Watkins, Plein Air 2017 Artist

“I had a very enjoyable week in Wayne and I would like to thank you all for your hard work!!! It is truly one of the highlights of the plein air season and I am so honored to have been a participant! This event gets better every year and I hope to be able to participate again next year. Everything you do is first class! Thank you!!!”

-Neal Hughes, Plein Air 2017 Artist

“One of the best events I participated in. High marks all around.”

-Allen Kriegshauser, Plein Air 2017 Artist

“I had a great time. Love this event.”

-Tim Kelly, Plein Air 2017 Artist

“I’ve traveled all around the country and I’ve never seen a community rally around an art center like this one.”

-T. Allen Lawson, Plein Air 2016 Juror

“Just wanted to take a minute, before the big gala, to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed my week in Wayne. You and your volunteers run a FANTASTIC festival and I have been impressed at every juncture. All of your generous sponsors add so much to the event. The other painters are kind and fun, and the scenery is drop-dead gorgeous. What more could an artist ask for?”

-Jill Stefani Wagner, Plein Air 2016 Artist


“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your staff for another well run event. I hope you all realize that we (the painters) really do appreciate the incredible amount of work, energy, organization, determination and talent it takes from you, the staff and volunteers to put on such a great event.”

-Kirk McBride, Plein Air 2016 Artist


“Wayne is a wonderful community and being part of the event a privilege. Thank you for all that you do (and did!!) for the love of art. WAC is spectacular.”

-Nancy Baker, Plein Air 2016 Artist


“I had to write to express how wonderful your 10th Anniversary Plein Air event was organized and produced. I can speak for myself, of course, but I want you and your co-workers to know each n’every artist I talked to felt the same way.”

-Al Barker, Plein Air 2016 Artist


“Thanks so much for your hard work and getting these sales. I really appreciate the efforts and hard work you have done for the artists in this event. I was glad to be a part of this and great to see old friends and familiar places.”

-D. Eleinne Basa, Plein Air 2016 Artist