Plein Air Festival

2017 Wayne Plein Air Festival Award Winners

May 15, 2017

Juror Don Demers awarded over $18,000 in prizes this year to the most deserving artists and their work. Congratulations to the award winners!

Best In Show
Patrick Lee · Cruisers

1st Place
Neal Hughes · Castle Roxx

2nd Place
Christopher Leeper · Tow Path Nocturne

3rd Place
Tara Will · Morning Path

Plein Air Magazine Award
Jane McGraw-Teubner · Alongside Bartram’s

Best Nocturne
Elise Phillips · Rise of the Flower Moon

Best Depiction of Light
Paul Bachem · Chanticleer

Best Street Scene
Joshua Been · Italian Market

Best Water Feature
Tim Kelly · Fairmount Dam

Best Architecture
Charlie Hunter · Strafford Station

Kathie Odom · Time Passages

Source Tek Award
D. Eleinne Basa · Kirkwood Sunset

Princeton Brush & Ampersand Award
Valerie Craig · Starbucks on the Run

JFM Enterprises
Anthony Watkins · Wayne Station Nocturne

Blick Art Award
Chuck Marshall · Valley Forge

Canson Award
Richard Sneary · Bike Garage

Rosemary & Co. Award
Michele Byrne · Urban Lunch Hour

Guerrilla Painter Award
John Caggiano · For the Love of Junk

Raymar Award
Chris Dixon · Red Coat

Golden Artists Colors Award
Stewart White · Overgrown Garden

Guerrilla Painter Award
Roberta Goschke · Washington Memorial Chapel

Guerrilla Painter Award
Arcenio M. Campos · North Philadelphia

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